Learn, grow and network together!

Join us for our Community Day to reconnect with RWTH International Academy and former classmates!

Cease the opportunity to see what is new at RWTH since you graduated, (re)connect with us, former classmates, new students and professors and continue your learning journey with us!

26th and 27th of September 2024 |
in Aachen, multiple locations

Participants can register for one, two, or all three parts of the event. We invite you to choose the sessions that best suit your interests and schedule.
See the program schedule for the activities we have planned over these two days!

You want to join us? Register here!

Program Schedule

Part I: 26th September 2024, 17:00 CET | Get-Together | Campus Melaten
Join a Campus Tour, see what is new at RWTH and join us for dinner afterwards!

Part II: 27th September 2024, 11:30 – 13:30 CET | Be part of our Welcome Day | SuperC
Join us greet the new students with us!

Part III: 27th September 2024, 14:00 – 17:00 CET | Livelong Learning | Super C
Take part in one of our exciting workshops and reconnect with other alumni!

Climate Fresk: Planetary Boundaries

Join the ‘Planetary Boundaries’ workshop and level-up your positive impact on the planet we all call home!

Put cause and effect together to uncover the current toughest challenges, reflect on how you can create change and spread awareness on the most pressing environmental issues we currently face.

The workshop not only aims to make you aware of the ecological concerns, but also to encourage you to incorporate more sustainability into your daily life.

From Experiencing to Mentoring – Design Thinking on How to Pass on Your Knowledge

As an alumni of the RWTH International Academy, you have not only gained knowledge into your study content but also acquired useful insights about processes, procedures as well as (informal) tips and tricks. Aren’t these things you would have liked to have known when you started your time at the Academy? So why not pass on your knowledge to Academy newbies, who are now departing on their study journey and be a path-breaking companion throughout their experience?

The workshop “From Experiencing to Mentoring – How to Pass on Your Knowledge” deals with the conception of a mentoring system for Academy newbies and what the concrete implementation of such a project with you as their mentors could look like. Stay part of the (knowledge) sharing!