Fellowship of Turkish Engineers

This form will be available from 1 December 2021 to 1 March 2022

This scholarship intends to support highly qualified engineering students from Turkey to pursue a Master’s degree program at RWTH Aachen University, organized by RWTH International Academy. It is intended to supplement scholarship holders of the DAAD-TEV scholarship program for Turkish students and allows a waiver of the tuition fees charged by RWTH International Academy. For information about the DAAD-TEV scholarship, please visit the websites about TEV scholarships and DAAD scholarships.

Click here to read the detailed regulations (PDF)

A complete scholarship application consists of:

  • Regular application for the Master’s Degree program submitted through the RWTHonline application portal,
  • Copy of DAAD-TEV agreement (as soon as the applicant receives it).
  • Letter of Intent
In your letter of intent, you should specify your motivation for applying for this scholarship. Your letter of intent should follow a clear, logical structure. You should answer the following question in an engaging and creative manner:

“As a FTE awardee, how do you intend to contribute to growing our network of engineering students? What would you do to serve as an ambassador between RWTH International Academy and your undergraduate university?”