German Language Merit Scholarship

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The application period for the German Language Merit Scholarship is over. The next period is March 2022.

This meritbased scholarship was created to reward qualifying RWTH International Academy students who pursue a higher German proficiency through extracurricular German courses offered by the RWTH Language Center. German proficiency is one the skills to put you ahead other applicants when applying for jobs.

Regulations German Language Merit Scholarship (PDF)

A complete scholarship application consists of:

  • German course certificate issued by the RWTH Language Center
  • Payment confirmation stamped and signed by the RWTH Language Center
  • Transcript of Records showing that the student’s curricular language course modules have been completed
  • Language course certificates for all prior language courses.
To qualify for the scholarship, you need to fulfil the following:

  1. The scholarship is only available for students during theregular study period of their Master’s degree program.
  2. Only extracurricular German language courses can be considered.Students can only apply for the scholarship once they have cleared their curricular German language requirement.
  3. The scholarship is awarded up to the completion of C1.2 German level.
  4. Only German language courses offered by the RWTH Language Center can be considered for the scholarship. External institutes are excluded.
  5. Only the following German language courses that allow advancing to the next level qualify:
    • 4 SWS course (half a level; e.g. B1.1)
    • 8 SWS course (a full level; e.g. B1)
  6. Specialization modules (e.g. Conversation modules) do not qualify for this scholarship.
  7. Students are only eligible for the scholarship if they successfully passed the German course (grade 4.0 or above).
  8. Students can apply only once for each level/half level. Repeat courses are not eligible.
  9. Students who terminate their enrollment at RWTH Aachen University prematurely or before the completion of their degreecan only be considered for the scholarshipinwellfounded cases.
  10. Students can only receive the scholarship if they do not have any liabilities with RWTH International Academy.
  11. Students who receive a tuition fee waiver with a scholarship program are required to inform us about said scholarship