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Digital learning offers a new perspective on career paths, talent acquisition and personal development. Spatial and temporal barriers are overcome and opportunities for participation are massively expanded. So far, this potential has only been tapped in a rudimentary way. With FUTOC, the RWTH International Academy and Steerix GmbH want to contribute to making education, talent development and recruiting in future technologies possible for many young professionals – without borders. Because the challenges of the future can only be solved together. We cordially invite you to join us!


During the Corona pandemic, millions of teachers were suddenly forced to use asynchronous teaching methods. In the post-Corona era, face-to-face instruction has once again become the dominant mode of instruction. Our goal is to unlock the treasure trove of digital courses and learning units and make them accessible to a wide range of users. Unlike common platforms, we provide guidance to teachers and users by focusing on future technologies. Quality control and classification of materials provide security for teachers and users. And it should be easy: The FUTOC platform guarantees high usability and clarity.

Why should I join?

Use your digital learning content and make it available via our FUTOC platform. Benefit from the FUTOC company and talent community and network with future partners and employees.

Contribute to making knowledge about future technologies available to a broad mass, creating new perspectives worldwide. You will be compensated with 30% of the collected course fees. Do you know other colleagues who can provide suitable digital learning content? Secure another 30% of the course fees if they also make their teaching content available.


  • Founding member of innovative Future Tech qualification and networking hub

  • Access to international Future Tech scientific community

  • Global reach and visibility for own online courses and institutions

  • Clear concentration of Future Techs with comprehensive qualification pathways

  • Relation building with companies through talent recruiting and education services

  • Knowledge transfer through consulting projects

  • Recruitment of potential Phd.-cand. / Post-docs. for employment in own institutes

  • Financial revenue

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Focus Topics

  • Industry 4.0

  • Robotics

  • Industrial Sustainibility

  • Big Data and the Internet of Things

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

2 Levels of Learning

  • Access to international Future Tech scientific community

  • Global reach and visibility for own online courses and institutions

What sets us apart from other online platforms?

We focus on future technologies and provide guidance for users and educators. Instead of a pure e-learning platform, we offer a network where users can exchange information and talent seekers can recruit young professionals from the technology sector. We guarantee the quality of the material provided through our Quality Gate.

How can I join?

Contact us or upload samples of your material directly through our website. You will be asked to provide some basic information about the course (title, length, language, level…). Within a week, you will receive feedback from us as to whether your learning units meet our quality requirements. We pay special attention to a multimedia mix and to a clear naming and documentation of the learning objectives.

Who can join?

Professors, lecturers, research assistants and experts with proven expertise in the above topics..

And what about copyright?

Of course, you retain the copyright to all materials. We will enter into a license agreement with you, and you will receive a percentage of the course fees.

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